About us

The Story of Ma-Tata: A Czech Brand for Mothers and Babies

We are a small family business dedicated to manufacturing practical accessories for children, mothers, and strollers, known as Ma-Tata.

As the French proverb says, "Behind every great man is a woman." Our story is no different. It began in 2015 with the birth of our first child. Until then, I had worked in a corporate company and was used to frequent contact with people. As every first-time mother knows, it is difficult to get used to the new role of a mother and a certain form of "isolation" from society. That's why I realized that if a child is to be happy, the mother must be happy first.

For Christmas, I received a sewing machine, which I took as a challenge. I decided to start sewing affordable stroller accessories for mothers. At that time, no one took my decision very seriously or supported me on my long journey.

However, every journey has its destination. Over time, other mothers - seamstresses - joined our company. We tested the products on my children, Tomášek and later Emmička, and thanks to them, we fine-tuned everything to the last detail.

Ma-Tata was and is my third child. Therefore, after my maternity leave, I faced the decision of whether to continue my career or to devote myself to Ma-Tata, which fulfilled me. I decided on the latter and started to fully dedicate myself to entrepreneurship and developing the company.

We handcraft custom-made stroller accessories

We specialize in custom-made stroller accessories. We manufacture footmuffs, leg covers, non-slip blankets, hand muffs, bags, stroller pads, leg positioners (for which we have a utility model), and much more. You can combine all of these to make your stroller absolutely perfect and unique.

Leather covers for the handlebar and pushbar are also an essential part of our product range. We will be happy to sew them to measure for your exact stroller type.

Wide range of products

We also think about mothers. We sew ecological make-up remover pads, breast pads, and cloth sanitary pads. You can find a selection of carriers from the English brand Caboo and the German brand Manduca. We also prioritize environmentally friendly products, such as high-quality glass bottles from the American manufacturer Thermos, Lifefactory, organic cotton and merino clothing from the Finnish brand ManyMonths, and complete swimming, bathing, and changing equipment from the English brand Pop-in.

Made in the Czech Republic

We have built our own sewing workshop in Opava, a city with a history of manufacturing Minerva sewing machines. All production takes place under one roof, which allows us to control the quality of the product, which is always our top priority.

Precise workmanship

Each product is sewn by only one seamstress, which guarantees the precise workmanship of the product itself. We sew products of exclusive quality.

Individual approach

The main advantage of our company is the individual approach. You can choose from many beautiful patterns and thus distinguish yourself from other strollers. If you are unsure, you can contact us, and we will be happy to explain everything and advise you.

Our goal is a satisfied customer, both small and large :-)

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